EDIT – Safety Issues

Given the drop-down menu for this (top-level) ‘section’, perhaps this page could have more graphics and simply introduce the section? For 3 ‘parent-level’ sections, Safety, Closure & (possibly) Decom – I’m unclear of what content to display when they are clicked

We could have the whole TOC for the ‘Safety Issues’ section here, as links. However:

  • since the TOC is ‘in the menus’ having it here would be kind of redundant and
  • unless and until I find a way for the TOC to auto-update itself, it would be something else to maintain.

On the hard-copy TOC that you handed me when we spoke in person about this, you had SECTIONS (Facts, Safety, Closure, etc) and SUB-SECTIONS in bold (Accidents, Risks from Daily Ops, Risk Assessment). A couple of TOC entries are also underlined (Potential Accident Causes & Accident Response) – I don’t know what that signifies.

The site’s menus can easily indent, like so:

  • Facts
  • Safety
    • Accidents
      • Fukushima
      • Potential Accident Causes
      • Containment Failure
    • Risks from Daily Ops
    • Risk Assessment
  • Closure
  • Decom
  • Actions
  • Links
  • Contact