Rally at the Wharf

Saturday, April 9 at noon join the MA Lobstermen’s Association and Plymouth Cruises, and other concerned citizens to keep Cape Cod Bay clean and bring public awareness and support to save our bay from the planned dumping of a million gallons of radioactive waste water from Pilgrim’s spent fuel pool.

When: Saturday, April 9,2022

Where: Plymouth Town Wharf GPS-9 Town Wharf, Plymouth, MA next to Wood’s Seafood.

Why:  A rally is planned at the pier by the MA Lobstermen’s Association and Plymouth Cruises to keep Cape Cod Bay clean and bring public awareness and support to save our bay.

Paul Qiuntal of Plymouth Cruises states, “The Holtec Company is currently decommissioning the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant. They have 1 million gallons of radioactive water on site to dispose of. One of the options to remove the water is by dumping it into Cape Cod Bay. Contaminating Cape Cod Bay would be devastating to the local fishing industries, oyster farmers, shellfish and lobster harvesters, tourism and many other businesses for years to come.”

Beth Casoni of the MA Lobstermen’t Association explains, “There are numerous unintended consequences Holtec’s actions will have that are unimaginable from: polluting our beautiful ocean and beaches with radioactive materials, the negative impacts on the 200 plus right whales who come to Cape Cod Bay that feed on the vast supply of copepods, the negative perception on tourism and the public who visit America’s Home Town, the many coastal communities here in the Commonwealth, and on the commercial fishing industry as tourists and consumers alike will stop eating all of the delicious and nutritious seafood locally harvested. All of the negative impacts will be economically devastating around the region.”

Supported by:

Plymouth Lobstermen’s Association, Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association, Massachusetts Seafood Collaborative, Save our Bay, Cape Downwinders, Pilgrim Watch, Plymouth Cruises, Indivisible Plymouth, and many other concerned citizens.

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